A new industrial revolution

Overcome the limits of traditional manufacturing.

We improve form and performance.

We help companies in the design and technological evolution process as to seize all the advantages of additive manufacturing, exploiting its disruptive effect on value generation processes.

We bring together advanced and always up-to-date scientific, computing, engineering and design skills, working on simulation-driven engineering and generative design fusion, optimizing additive manufacturing for the industrial scale.

The most common benefits for businesses.

Easy management of digital native process.
Time to Market Reduction.
Industrial Cycles Simplification.
Flexibility to the single element.
Aassembly Consolidation.
Stock Reduction.
Zeroing of obsolescence.
Use of materials Efficiency.
Performance increase.
Lower resource consumption.
Scrap Reduction.
Technical Culture empowerment..

A team at your service.

We encourage the growth of industry 4.0 skills. We promote the training of human resources and the spread of a new production philosophy.

Grew up with bread and LEGO®, from the age of four he attended the family workshop. He left the University of Economics and Commerce in 1991 to replace his father at the helm of the company Preziosa Francesco srl where he implements new products and processes (the first industrial robot in Europe integrated into a sheet metal bending cell in 1990 with ABB Robotics). Dedicated to the fine-tuning and overclocking of industrial systems in hardware and CNC, he started following the evolution of additive manufacturing towards a viable industrial process since 2015. In Add+it he takes care of tech-sales and strategic planning.

Marco Preziosa

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, she works in the Carrier air conditioning design team at the UTC group. She has been a member of the Tenaris Group engineering team since 1998, she has been involved in the implementation of industrial accounting systems at the production plants in Dalmine, Sabbio and Costa Volpino. Since 2000 she has been production manager at Preziosa Francesco srl, a manufacturer of HVAC sheet metal products and components. In Add+it she is responsible for the general management and organizational supervision.

Simonetta Oberti

Young enthusiast of everything related to 3D printing. Graduated in 2019 in Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, he attended the first European AM course for space and aerospace applications. Master's thesis: development of new high-strength aluminum alloys for SLM in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). He attended the DfAM course on the Altair suite in 2019 at Weisoft and the DesktopMetal user training at the headquarters in Boston. He is Application & Process Engineer at Additive Italia since June 2019. In Add+it he is responsible for managing the DfAM, the Lab and supervising the R&D operations and networking activities.

Gianluigi Rossi

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