Topology optimization

The ideal geometry, with the essential material.

What is topology optimization.

By topology optimization we mean the optimization of material placement within a given component geometry. Starting from design constraints, such as materials and loads, the software uses the finite element analysis (FEM) method to evaluate the least stressed regions where material can be removed.

Setting design targets, such as mass minimization or stiffness maximization, the dedicated software identifies the optimal shape of each component and the best way to make it.

This process is fundamental in seizing the real advantages offered by industrial additive manufacturing adoption.

The advantages of topology optimization.

The best balance for each production process.

Through additive manufacturing, the potential of topology optimization is expressed to its maximum degree of freedom.

Lightweight but performing designs.

The software returns optimized designs with reduced masses, without compromising the required mechanical performance.

Optimize the use of material.

By maximizing the mass efficiency, usage of high performing materials is a great benefit to performance and weight.

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