Lattice structures

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What are lattice structures.

Lattice structures are generated by repeating the structure of a unit cell in space. Only through the potential of Additive Manufacturing is it possible to engineer complex rigid or variously deformable lattices with mechanical properties that can be optimized according to the needs of each component.

The design of the structure is developed through dedicated software and advanced skills, analyzing the response of the component to varying load conditions, customizing the macroscopic and mesoscopic properties of the selected material to the maximum.

The advantages of lattice structures

Weight-resistance ratio.

Through the lattice design it is possible to remove material in the less stressed areas of the component, lightening it thus maximizing its resistance.

Surface area.

Lattice structures made with AM maximize the surface area in contact with the environment, favoring their use in applications where chemical reactions or heat exchange are most required.

Protection and absorption.

Through the lattice structures, applications with excellent energy absorption capacities are designed and therefore engineered for protection from shocks and loads.

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