Generative design

Design better and produce more, with less.

What is generative design.

Generative design is a design tool that uses advanced algorithms developed by artificial intelligence to best meet the needs of designers and engineers.

A dedicated software processes the inputs from the designer - dimensional constraints, load conditions, materials and production methods - giving a perspective of the possible solutions and generating the design variants.

The analysis progresses from iteration to iteration, significantly accelerating the R&D of products, optimizing costs and production techniques, speeding up the Time to Market.

The generative design associated with additive manufacturing allows enormous freedom in design, improving the quality of finished products and reducing manufacturing costs.

The advantages of generative design.

Weight reduction.

The system quickly identifies the most effective solution, minimizing the mass and quantity of material used, respecting the necessary engineering constraints.

Performance optimization.

On the basis of the selected production methods, materials and loads, the software proposes a range of different geometries consistent with the solution of the engineering problem.

Cost limitation.

The software evaluates which performance maximization solutions have the best impact on production costs.

Greater sustainability.

The software lightens the products, minimizing the consumption of resources in production processes.

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