Simulation-driven Design

Advanced engineering simulation has traditionally been employed as virtual testing of a mature design. A task performed late during product development, just before building a physical prototype. Organizations mature in their digital transformation use Altair simulation technology early in the design process as part of concept design. To enable this shift, a new category of software has been created developed to accelerate design decisions.


Structural Analysis

With proven accuracy every time, Altair offers industry-leading engineering analysis and optimization tools from simulation-driven design concepts to detailed virtual product validation and simplified modeling workflows to advanced high-fidelity model building. Whether big or small, our customers trust their decision making to Altair, the pioneer of simulation-driven design.


Topology Optimization

The distinctive organic looking parts that many consider a trademark additive manufacturing (AM) aesthetic, are created through a process called topology optimizationAltair® OptiStruct® is the original topology optimization structural design tool. While some are still discovering how this technology can help designers and engineers rapidly develop innovative, lightweight, and structurally efficient designs, for over two decades OptiStruct® has driven the design of products you see and use every day.


Additive Manufacturing

Just a few years ago, additive manufacturing (AM) was purely associated with rapid prototyping, research projects, and advanced engineering teams. Now many organizations are looking to AM as a production solution. To some this means manufacturing parts through an additive method, to others additive is essential for the creation of timely tooling. Altair provides software that goes beyond the creation of unique prototypes and provides a robust simulation toolchain to support production designs.


 image courtesy of Altair